Sunday, January 16, 2011

Time for a new blog name

Hello friends and family,

I hope everyone is having a great 2011. I know the P's are. The next three months are going to be a little crazy. What am I talking about its going to be a lot crazy. On Jan. 20th we will be heading up to Duke for Jordyn's heart cath. We will spend a night in the hospital and will be given the date of our last heart surgery. I am so excited.I know you are thinking how can she be exited about her little girl having yet another open heart surgery. This is why... Jordyn will no longer be blue when she plays too hard; we will be able to go to parties where kids have the sniffles and I will not totally freak out about all the germs; her little hands and legs will not be so cold. I am excited for that, not about the hospital stay. As most of you know I am 28 weeks prego with twin girls. Mark picked the names this time. Honor and Breanna will be born, haha, we will get to that in a minute. Mark is still in a land far far away. He calls and sends emails as much as he can. I have been sending him videos of Jordyn and tons of pictures. Well back to the girls. I hope to keep the girls nice and warm inside of me till March 17 when I'll be 36 weeks and some odd days and with that I hope the time in the NICU will be short or none at all. I am hoping that Jordyn's heart surgery will be in Feb and I can get her home and recovering before I deliver some babies. But those of you that know me, and my usual drama, know this wont happen. It will be all at the same time. I have tried to Red Cross Mark home for all of this craziness. It was denied :( I am going to try one more time with more set dates and see what happens.) So that's the short version of a day in the life at the Piemont's. All I have to say is that I am so glad that my Fam is close by and helping out as much as they are. I would not be able to handle everything without them.

In other news Jordyn got her big girl bed and the girls room is almost done. I think I am ready. LOL are you ever ready for twins and a two year old. :) SO with all the new additions being added to our family I think its time for a new name. Any ideas?? I will let everyone know how the heart cath went along with the next step to our Journey though heart surgeries and twins being born and Mark coming home. Thank you for all the love and support :)