Monday, September 26, 2011


Her Little Shadows
I once saw a mother with eyes filled with laughter.
And many little shadows came following after.
Where ever she moved they were always right there,
Holding onto her skirt, hanging onto her chair.
Before Her, behind her, they were everywhere!
"Don't you ever get weary as day after day,
So many tagalongs getting in your way?"
She smiled a big smile as she shook her head-
And I'll always remember the words that she said...
"It's good to have shadows to run when you run,
That laugh when your happy, and hum when you hum...
For you only have shadows when your life's filled with Sun!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

These colors dont run

WOW! How do people keep up to date with blogging. hahaha. We are all doing well. Lets see.

Honor and Bree are now 6 months old. I know right I cant believe it either. Honor is now 14 lbs and Bree is 15lbs. The both love to eat and like everything they can get in their mouths. They both are crawling and rolling to where they want to be. Bree is on the move all day and likes to pull herself up on everything. Toys, pillows, her sister, under my coffee table. Honor is just fine on the blanket with her favorite toys to play with and chew on. All I have to say is I need one chill kid in the family. They are almost sitting up on their own wow they are getting so big.

Jordyn is back to her old crazy self. She is saying new words everyday and even wanting to eat more. She loves the playground and cant get enough of the swings. She is on the go and knows what she wants. The last time we were at the docs she was 22lbs. We will be going back to Duke in a month to talk about getting off some of her meds. We just hope the fluid does not come back. Her sats have been 94!!! We had a family Day for Marks unit. They had a bouncy house and she could not get enough of it. We had to make her take breaks. She was just being so silly and playing with the other kiddos. So cute.

Its that time again. pre-deployment training. ugh It feels like we were just doing this. I told Mark that this deployment there will be no craziness. No red cross messages. No homecomings to hospitals. Just a boring deployment. I know what you are thinking. The P's don't do boring. I know I know one can dream and wish right.

In Honor of September 11th the girls where in their Red White and Blue!!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Hello everyone sorry for not keeping everyone updated. We have been busy here. We took Jordyn up to Duke a few days ago for a check up. She is still on all her meds, they are still not sure why she was getting fluid so we are going to just give her body a little more time to adjust. Her heart looks great and her O2 sats where 95. She is so pink now. :) She is starting to eat better as well. Still not tons but hey anything is better then nothing. She is everywhere these days and little hands can reach things that they never use to. LOL a whole new level of jordyn proofing. I put her on a waiting list for half day pre-school when she is 3. I wanted to get her in now but with everything going on and flu season coming we just need to keep her germ free for another year. We will be going back up ti Duke in 6 weeks to see about getting off some of her meds. I will post some pictures in a few days.