Monday, November 14, 2011

The things my girls get into

Greetings I am giving up some sleep time to update all of you faithful followers. The girls team has been chillen with the fam these last few days as Mark is out training. Boo to that. All it means is the big D word is coming up. This will be number 5 for our little family and number 7 for the hubster. Yep one to many but that's the military. I knew what I was getting myself into when I married the goof. I love my Marine with all my heart. Everything will be ok. I am not prego this time. Can I get a hell ya. LOL No open heart surgeries or anything crazy on this end this time. So lets just pray its a no drama deployment.

Well this family has been busy.

Jordyn~ The big sister, The I am two and feeling good kid! She is a hot mess these days. The power of the wills. HAHAHA she does not want the babies to look at her or touch her or play with any toy most days. Then out of nowhere she will hug on them and kiss on them and let them crawl all over her or bring them toys. Maybe there is hope yet for a nice sister relationship. We will see what tomorrow brings. Jordyn and I have been doing little lessons everyday. Colors, numbers, shapes and life lessons. We are working on the color translucent, parallelograms and making connections between life and text. You know all the things shes going to need to know to get into a good pre-school. LOL But all joking aside shes such a sponge these days and has a memory of an elephant and if I forget something she will let me know. She stated pee peeing on the potty!!!! We make it a few times a day but with all the diuretics she is on that's fine with this mama. Her eating is hit or miss. Some days she eats everything other days not a thing. I just keep hoping that once we are off all this silly meds that she will eat and eat and eat. We go back to Duke in January so I guess we will see then what our battle plan will be. Until then we will just keep doing what we are doing. :)

Honor~ She has two teeth now :) both on the bottom and is acting like more are on their way!! She is on the move crawling and pulling herself up on everything. She still enjoys laying on the ground and talking and kicking like crazy. She loves to play peek a boo with Bree and then two of them will just laugh at each other. I will try to catch it on video it is so cute. She does not need as much sleep as the other two these days. She would rather watch everything around her then sleep. She is also a little bit of a picky eater there are only a few things she does not like so far.

Breanna~ If you step out of the room for two seconds and hear a loud bang its most likely Bree getting into something she is not suppose to. If you were a fly on the wall at my house you would hear "AHH Bree" more then anything. She is everywhere and climbs onto everything. She will push anything that moves across the floor and walk behind it. She is standing for longer periods of time by herself. She is full of giggles. She laughs at everyone but Jordyn is her favorite. Jordyn just has to look at her and she will start belly laughing. Bree has one tooth on the bottom but I think more are on the way. She will eat everything you put in front of her and some of ours if she could. She gives the best wet kisses and is just now learning to give the wettest raspberry's. Honor and her love to touch each other and play with each other it is so cool to watch them interact. It is so true what they say about twins having their own language.

I love my family they are full of energy and it is nonstop until they all crash at the end of the day but i could not imagine my life with out them.

Friday, October 14, 2011


What your house does not look like this :)

Hi everyone!!!!

Life at the P's sure is a busy one. Its hard to believe that the girls are 7 months old now. We had a doctors apt a few days ago. They both are almost 16 lbs and Bree is taller by and inch. Bree is on the move crawling, climbing. walking with the help of a walker or the couch or anyone that she can catch. :) Honor can move but she still likes to stay in one place and play with whatever she can get her hands on. She likes to sit and wait for someone to walk by and then she attacks. LOL Honor cut her first tooth today. Tear. They are getting so big.Mark has had the last few days off. :) We had a week of doctors apt. so he was able to go with me and help with crowed control. Jordyn is doing good. She was really sick the last few days. :( We went up to duke on Wednesday and her heart looks great!!!! We are going to stay on all her meds for another 3 months and then slowly start to come off them. Slow and steady wins the race.

It is now day three of trying to get this blog updated. ugh oh well as I like to say "Life Happens!!" Mark is now sick so I am a little out numbered. Jordyn is having a sleep over with the grandparents so that helps out a lot. The little ones are finally sleeping poor things the shots are so rough on them. I am sure there is more news but just cant think right now. Thanks for checking in on us. If anyone wants the job of updated the blog for me please let me know. :) I hope everyone is doing well. Take care.

Love the P's

Monday, September 26, 2011


Her Little Shadows
I once saw a mother with eyes filled with laughter.
And many little shadows came following after.
Where ever she moved they were always right there,
Holding onto her skirt, hanging onto her chair.
Before Her, behind her, they were everywhere!
"Don't you ever get weary as day after day,
So many tagalongs getting in your way?"
She smiled a big smile as she shook her head-
And I'll always remember the words that she said...
"It's good to have shadows to run when you run,
That laugh when your happy, and hum when you hum...
For you only have shadows when your life's filled with Sun!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

These colors dont run

WOW! How do people keep up to date with blogging. hahaha. We are all doing well. Lets see.

Honor and Bree are now 6 months old. I know right I cant believe it either. Honor is now 14 lbs and Bree is 15lbs. The both love to eat and like everything they can get in their mouths. They both are crawling and rolling to where they want to be. Bree is on the move all day and likes to pull herself up on everything. Toys, pillows, her sister, under my coffee table. Honor is just fine on the blanket with her favorite toys to play with and chew on. All I have to say is I need one chill kid in the family. They are almost sitting up on their own wow they are getting so big.

Jordyn is back to her old crazy self. She is saying new words everyday and even wanting to eat more. She loves the playground and cant get enough of the swings. She is on the go and knows what she wants. The last time we were at the docs she was 22lbs. We will be going back to Duke in a month to talk about getting off some of her meds. We just hope the fluid does not come back. Her sats have been 94!!! We had a family Day for Marks unit. They had a bouncy house and she could not get enough of it. We had to make her take breaks. She was just being so silly and playing with the other kiddos. So cute.

Its that time again. pre-deployment training. ugh It feels like we were just doing this. I told Mark that this deployment there will be no craziness. No red cross messages. No homecomings to hospitals. Just a boring deployment. I know what you are thinking. The P's don't do boring. I know I know one can dream and wish right.

In Honor of September 11th the girls where in their Red White and Blue!!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Hello everyone sorry for not keeping everyone updated. We have been busy here. We took Jordyn up to Duke a few days ago for a check up. She is still on all her meds, they are still not sure why she was getting fluid so we are going to just give her body a little more time to adjust. Her heart looks great and her O2 sats where 95. She is so pink now. :) She is starting to eat better as well. Still not tons but hey anything is better then nothing. She is everywhere these days and little hands can reach things that they never use to. LOL a whole new level of jordyn proofing. I put her on a waiting list for half day pre-school when she is 3. I wanted to get her in now but with everything going on and flu season coming we just need to keep her germ free for another year. We will be going back up ti Duke in 6 weeks to see about getting off some of her meds. I will post some pictures in a few days.

Friday, August 12, 2011


We are HOME!!! Jordyn is doing good. She is very sleepy today. But who can blame her we did not sleep good last night. We are back on all of our meds and will be seeing Dr. M at the end of the month. Jordyn had a sponge bath today and we got off the rest of her sticky heart monitor tabs. They are always so hard to get off. The little P's had a great time at mom and dads thanks for watching them for the night. We will be just hanging out this weekend. Her groin will be a little tender the next few days. Thanks for all the prayers!!!!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hello from 5315

It has been a long day. We are finally in our room. Jordyn is doing well. She is still coming off all her good drugs. They were able to do somethings while they were in the cath. They plugged some vains that have grown and should not have. They think this might be one of the reason for her fluid, but are not sure. We will just have to wait and see. Just know that everything looks great with her heart!!!! The hope is the docs here will talk to Dr. M and come up with a new battle plan and we will be home tomorrow. We shall see ill believe it when we are walking out the door. Its going to be a rough night tonight. The Dr.s will be coming back around midnight to remove her bandages and then they will be cheking her blood pressure throughout the night. Please pray that we will be able to come home tomorrow and the new battle plan works. Jordyn is sleeping right now and her o2 sats are 95!!! Thank you all who has been praying for my family. It means so much to have so much love and support from each of you. In a few days ill post some pictres of all the P's they are all getting so big. Good night.

update #2

She is doing great. They are about to take pictures and go from there. If they don't see anything then they will be finished in less the an hour. If they see something well we will just go from there. I cant believe it is almost 4pm It looks like its going to be a late night for the P's. Lets hope they have a room ready for us and we don't have to wait for one when she is done.

Cath day

The cath started at 2. We already got our first phone call. She is doing well. They had put in all her IV's and were just going to start the cath. I was able to go back with her to the OR. I held the mask as she fell asleep. She's in good hands. They gave her some good drugs to make her very loopy. They say its the same as drinking 6 beers. She was such a silly girl. Will update you when we know more. Thanks for your prayers today.

Monday, August 8, 2011

And we are

GOING HOME!!!! we have to get some more blood drawn in a little bit then we are out of here. Heart cath is set for Thursday so Mark and I will bring Jordyn back up. mom and dad will watch the girls and we will go from there. We hope to be home by 6 tonight :) Thanks for all the prayers and will keep everyone updated on Thursday :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

we are eating

As I write this Miss Jordyn is eating A small amount of cheese pizza, mash potatoes, ice tea un-sweet and a Popsicle, but she eating none the less. I have tears running down my face right now. I am so excited that she is starting to feel well enough to eat. :0)

weekends in a hospital suck

Uggggg. Is all I have to say. Well we are staying another night. Her X-ray showed some improvement but not alot. :( We continue with IV lasixs today then a x-ray in the With still no set date for a cath. We hope tomorrow we can get some set dates and a set plan. We are good till tuesday with Mark and Aunt Ann watching the girls. Then well... who can make plans when I have no plans to go off of. Ladies its going to be a crazy week coming up hope you are ready. :) we spent the afternoon walking the halls, throwing penny's into the wishing well, eating some cheese and licking the salt of chips. We are now getting another IV lasixs and relaxing for a few. Have a great night everyone

Saturday, August 6, 2011

5 months old

HAPPY 5 months HONOR and BREE

The little ones are spending lots of time with daddy and Aunt Ann. From the pictures they have been sending up they are going to be 20 lbs when I get home. Mark called today with stories of how much they both are eating and talking and the new things they are doing. He is under strict orders that if they start to sit up by themselves or start to crawl to take lots of pics for me. ill be glad when all of us are together again. From what I hear mark is becoming Mr. MOM. I love this. Good night guys!!

Got Pee

So far we have peed out over a pound of fluid. Needless to say the little one is feeling better. SOOOOOO here is what is going on here. We have a chest x-ray and more blood test in the morning. The hopes is to still get us home for a few days before the heart cath. Should know more tomorrow :) Jordyn spent the evening playing and walking around and starting to be very bossy. We will see what tomorrow will bring. Good night prayer warriors :0)

Fluid Fluid everywhere

So the x-ray says we have tons of fluid over our right lung and some over are left. We are going to increase her lasixs in hopes of drying her out.We will be getting some blood test done to check all her levels and make sure everything else looks good. We will be getting another chest X-ray in the morning and go over our options then. Either wait out the fluid or get a chest tube. There is still just so much up in the air. OOOOOO how i love hospitals. ugh!!!!!!! Miss Jordyn is hanging in there. we are going to go and throw pennies in the wishing well when she wakes up from her nap. Then who knows what the day will bring.

Friday, August 5, 2011


We just had our X-ray. Got to love hospital time. we are back in our room and all snugged in. Jordyn is already back to sleep and I will be joining her in a few. We should know the battle plan in the morning. Thank you for all your prayers. Please pray that we can go home and back on all our meds and then come back for our heart cath in a few days.

hello from 5300

HI from Duke :( yep the fluid is back. :( :( we are back on IV lasixs and waiting for a chest x-ray. we will be getting a heart cath later this week. I hope that we can get some of the fluid off and then go home and come back the day of her cath. We will just wait and see. Mark and Aunt Ann are at home with the little ones. with the ladies on standby. Oh how I love all of my friends and family. Mom and dad are on the way home from NY to help out as well. I am so glad that Aunt Ann is here to help Mark out. I know she would not have it any other way just wish we could have had the fun filled week we had planned. I will keep everyone updated on how we are doing. Right now the little one is sleeping in her wagon. When she is awake all she wants to do is be pulled in her wagon, and that is ok with this mommy. Missing Mark and the girls. :( good night for now.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Miss Jordyn

Jordyn had a duke apt. yesterday. I know I know I did not tell anyone. It was one of those things that the meds she's on were making her so sick and we could not wait a few more weeks to go up there and start getting off of them. So I called and Dr. M fit us in the next day!!! What a great man he is. Her heart looks great!!! we were able to get off one of her meds completely!!!! In a few days I will cut one more back and then a few days after that I will cut one more back. We will stay that way for three weeks and see Dr. M at the end of next month. As long as everything still looks good. No fluid around heart or lungs then we will keep taking her off of them. If the fluid comes back well...its not so I am not going to tell you what we will have to do.

Jordyn, Honor and Bree are doing great. Ill post some pictures later. This mama needs to get to bed. I am still giving meds throughout the night and 3am is so hard for me to get up. All the other times no problem but that 3am one gets me every night. Good night!!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

4 month shots

Hey guys, Just got home from the doctors. A huge thank you to connie for going with me. Both girls are doing good. Honor is 23 inches tall an her weight is 12 lbs 3 oz. We are going to try a new med for her reflux and she has thrush in her month and is running a low grade fever. I get the award for best mom on that one did not even know, she is acting just fine. Poor Honor and to get shots on top of that what a little trooper. Anyway Connie is going to pick up the girls meds for me. Love her thanks for all the help. Bree is 24 inches tall and her weight is 12lbs 14oz and doing great. She was not a big fan of her shots and is now in the carry sack on my chest sleeping and moaning. poor thing the shots are so hard on her.
Jordyn loved going to the doctors when it was not all about her. LOL
well I am off to boil pacies and love on some babies. Thank you again connie for all your help.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hello NY

The girls and I went to Ny for a week to see family and friends up there. We had a great visit. Here are some pictures from our adventure up north. I am so thankful that they all travel so well. I think we will be staying at home for a little bit. We have some more family coming in in Aug. so excited to see them.

Honor loves her Aunt Kim

she loves to jump

The girls got lots and lots of lovin

Jordyn and Clara


to be a baby again

Bree loves Honors foot.

Her favorite thing in the world

What a big girl riding by herself "tear"

Jordyn and Clara

A little snack on the train

Megan and Jordyn

cool buttons to push

this is cool

Jordyn loves charades

the girls were in heaven being in everyone's arms

It was so nice to see everyone. I have so much more to say about our trip and more pictures to share, but this post has already taken me days to write and I am so tired. Just know that you are all loved. Tomorrow the girls go for their 4 month shots and check up! Will post and let everyone know how we do.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sweet potatoes

The girls ate sweet potatoes today. They loved them and could not get enough. My little ones are growing up so fast.



The P girls are on the road again. This time to NY to visit some of my family. Mark will be comimg to pick us up next weekend. I also get to see my Sharon. Oh how I have missed her. Maybe we can even go out for a drink. LOL See you soon!!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Got Wine

This is great!!!! Check it out and spread the word.

Taken from the blog Sisters by Heart

When life hands you grapes, make wine! An Australian winemaker and his son, Colby, are making a tremendous difference in the heart community. Daryl Groom began making wine 30 years ago, well before his son was born. Colby Rex Groom was born prematurely with a hole in his heart – a hole that seemed to have closed spontaneously. At eight years old, Colby’s heart began to show signs of trouble and doctors discovered a defective heart valve. Colby’s first open heart surgery (a valve repair) took place at 8 years of age. Unfortunately, the repair was unsuccessful and just 10 months later, Colby required a second open heart surgery to insert a mechanical valve. Colby’s back-to-back surgeries were devastating to the Groom family.Long-time supporters of the American Heart Association, the Grooms knew that continuing their philanthropic efforts for heart research was now more important than ever. Colby continued the families’ fundraising efforts in his backyard, showing off his zipper scar at $10 a pop. Within a few years, Colby’s fundraising efforts reached unimaginable heights.
Last year, Colby approached his dad and asked him if they could make a wine together. Daryl, not knowing Colby’s intentions, agreed to make two barrels of a red blend from five different varietal grapes – Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Shiraz, Merlot and Petite Syrah. Several months after the harvesting, Colby asked his dad if the wine was “good enough to sell?” Daryl believed that it was…and Colby Red was born. Colby shared his desire to sell the red blend and donate its proceeds to heart research. His purpose was simple, “I just want to help other kids.”Since the Grooms began selling Colby Red, less than one year ago, they have raised $115,000 for heart research. They believe strongly in Colby Red’s mission and support the American Heart Association, St. Jude’s Hospital (which developed the mechanical valve placed in Colby’s heart), and are focusing closely on individual families in need and communities who support the sale of Colby Red. Where can you purchase Colby Red and make a difference? Online at Cellar 360 or at your local Walgreens.Daryl Groom, our fellow heart parent, simply stated: “You can feel sad about everything, or you can get out and make a difference.”
Help Colby and the Grooms make a difference in the heart community. Purchase Colby Red and enjoy a juicy and velvety red blend, all while donating much-needed funds to heart research. It’s a win-win!

Happy July 4th

Happy July 4th Love the P's

Bree and her Jumper-roo

I know it does not look like it but Bree loves her Jumper-roo!!!

some pics of the little P's

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Pool

We had a little family trip to the pool by our house. The girls and I chilled in the shade while Jordyn and Daddy splashed in the water. Jordyn was ok with it as long as her feet were touching. Here is a picture her relaxing. What a little diva.

The girls love laying on the floor and holding hands and looking at each other and just blabbering. I love it.