Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hi Friends

Hi Everyone,
The P's are still here. I hope everyone is doing well. I made a list of all my new years resolutions and I am not doing so well with them. LOL My plan was to do better at the whole blogging thing. Fail lol. Maybe now I will try to do better. A lot has been going on already in 2012. I will break it down by family member, I think that will be easier.

Mark is back in Afghanistan :( The last time I talked to him was a few days ago he was doing good. Please keep him in your prayers. Before he left we got daddy dolls (little dolls with a picture of him on it) for all the girls. We also got a Flat daddy ( a life size mark from the waist up) It was given to us free from Ashley ( thank you I cant wait to get it in the mail) He also recorded tons of books for the girls and they love them. At one given time there is usually three books playing with marks voice at the same time. I love it !!!

Jordyn is Great better then Great!!!! We went to Duke for a check up a few weeks ago and everything looks great. no fluid anywhere!!!!!! heart function great!!!!!!!!!!!! and down one more med. I will call back in a few more weeks and then start to get off her last one. wooohoo. She is feeling good and looking good and is enjoying just being a kid. We got the go ahead to start nursery school in September so that's big. She is also eating more. We still have a long ways to go before we lose her g-tube but its a start. She is up to 27 lbs I love it. We have been making plans for lots of play dates with friends and I am so excited she loves to be around other kids. Go Jordyn. You will more mountains some day girl :)

Breanna is walking, I mean running, I mean walking while drinking her bottle. LOl this girl is on the move and fast. She loves it climb. Most days I will find her in the toy box or trying to get over the baby gate or somewhere getting into trouble. She loves to dance on her knees to the music and thinks that every time someone has food its for her. She has the biggest laugh and Loves playing with her sisters. Can you believe that she is 10 months old. ya me either.

Honor is right behind her sister walking. She still likes to crawl instead of walk. LOL Everyone always thinks Honor is the shy one. Don't let her fool you she is a screamer and has a mean side. She thinks everything is hers and will not think twice of taking a toy from Bree and then hitting her with it if she tries to take it back. Honor likes to see how things work. She has better small motor skills then Bree and likes to watch how something is done before she tries it. She is still the talker of the family and is all about screaming these days. if you come for a visit you might find her in the closet. LOL just kidding. But some days LOL.

All the girls are doing so good. In a few short months they will be turning 3 and 1 ahhh.

As for me. I am keeping busy. Mom and Dad help out too with the girls. They are a full time job that is for sure. haha. Marks Unit is doing what we are calling Miles to Afghanistan. I am running it with the help of another wife. We are trying to walk to Afghanistan and back its about 14,440 miles there and back you can learn more about it here (someone please tell me how I add a word that you can click on instead of putting the whole address) Any way if you want to join keep track of your miles and either add them in the comment section or send them to me. Just add H and S co (that's marks co) to your miles so that we get credit for them. Thanks guys.
I will add pictures soon. I promise I will do better at keeping you up to date with the P's. Thank you for all your prayers.

Love the P's