Thursday, July 28, 2011

Miss Jordyn

Jordyn had a duke apt. yesterday. I know I know I did not tell anyone. It was one of those things that the meds she's on were making her so sick and we could not wait a few more weeks to go up there and start getting off of them. So I called and Dr. M fit us in the next day!!! What a great man he is. Her heart looks great!!! we were able to get off one of her meds completely!!!! In a few days I will cut one more back and then a few days after that I will cut one more back. We will stay that way for three weeks and see Dr. M at the end of next month. As long as everything still looks good. No fluid around heart or lungs then we will keep taking her off of them. If the fluid comes back well...its not so I am not going to tell you what we will have to do.

Jordyn, Honor and Bree are doing great. Ill post some pictures later. This mama needs to get to bed. I am still giving meds throughout the night and 3am is so hard for me to get up. All the other times no problem but that 3am one gets me every night. Good night!!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

4 month shots

Hey guys, Just got home from the doctors. A huge thank you to connie for going with me. Both girls are doing good. Honor is 23 inches tall an her weight is 12 lbs 3 oz. We are going to try a new med for her reflux and she has thrush in her month and is running a low grade fever. I get the award for best mom on that one did not even know, she is acting just fine. Poor Honor and to get shots on top of that what a little trooper. Anyway Connie is going to pick up the girls meds for me. Love her thanks for all the help. Bree is 24 inches tall and her weight is 12lbs 14oz and doing great. She was not a big fan of her shots and is now in the carry sack on my chest sleeping and moaning. poor thing the shots are so hard on her.
Jordyn loved going to the doctors when it was not all about her. LOL
well I am off to boil pacies and love on some babies. Thank you again connie for all your help.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hello NY

The girls and I went to Ny for a week to see family and friends up there. We had a great visit. Here are some pictures from our adventure up north. I am so thankful that they all travel so well. I think we will be staying at home for a little bit. We have some more family coming in in Aug. so excited to see them.

Honor loves her Aunt Kim

she loves to jump

The girls got lots and lots of lovin

Jordyn and Clara


to be a baby again

Bree loves Honors foot.

Her favorite thing in the world

What a big girl riding by herself "tear"

Jordyn and Clara

A little snack on the train

Megan and Jordyn

cool buttons to push

this is cool

Jordyn loves charades

the girls were in heaven being in everyone's arms

It was so nice to see everyone. I have so much more to say about our trip and more pictures to share, but this post has already taken me days to write and I am so tired. Just know that you are all loved. Tomorrow the girls go for their 4 month shots and check up! Will post and let everyone know how we do.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sweet potatoes

The girls ate sweet potatoes today. They loved them and could not get enough. My little ones are growing up so fast.



The P girls are on the road again. This time to NY to visit some of my family. Mark will be comimg to pick us up next weekend. I also get to see my Sharon. Oh how I have missed her. Maybe we can even go out for a drink. LOL See you soon!!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Got Wine

This is great!!!! Check it out and spread the word.

Taken from the blog Sisters by Heart

When life hands you grapes, make wine! An Australian winemaker and his son, Colby, are making a tremendous difference in the heart community. Daryl Groom began making wine 30 years ago, well before his son was born. Colby Rex Groom was born prematurely with a hole in his heart – a hole that seemed to have closed spontaneously. At eight years old, Colby’s heart began to show signs of trouble and doctors discovered a defective heart valve. Colby’s first open heart surgery (a valve repair) took place at 8 years of age. Unfortunately, the repair was unsuccessful and just 10 months later, Colby required a second open heart surgery to insert a mechanical valve. Colby’s back-to-back surgeries were devastating to the Groom family.Long-time supporters of the American Heart Association, the Grooms knew that continuing their philanthropic efforts for heart research was now more important than ever. Colby continued the families’ fundraising efforts in his backyard, showing off his zipper scar at $10 a pop. Within a few years, Colby’s fundraising efforts reached unimaginable heights.
Last year, Colby approached his dad and asked him if they could make a wine together. Daryl, not knowing Colby’s intentions, agreed to make two barrels of a red blend from five different varietal grapes – Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Shiraz, Merlot and Petite Syrah. Several months after the harvesting, Colby asked his dad if the wine was “good enough to sell?” Daryl believed that it was…and Colby Red was born. Colby shared his desire to sell the red blend and donate its proceeds to heart research. His purpose was simple, “I just want to help other kids.”Since the Grooms began selling Colby Red, less than one year ago, they have raised $115,000 for heart research. They believe strongly in Colby Red’s mission and support the American Heart Association, St. Jude’s Hospital (which developed the mechanical valve placed in Colby’s heart), and are focusing closely on individual families in need and communities who support the sale of Colby Red. Where can you purchase Colby Red and make a difference? Online at Cellar 360 or at your local Walgreens.Daryl Groom, our fellow heart parent, simply stated: “You can feel sad about everything, or you can get out and make a difference.”
Help Colby and the Grooms make a difference in the heart community. Purchase Colby Red and enjoy a juicy and velvety red blend, all while donating much-needed funds to heart research. It’s a win-win!

Happy July 4th

Happy July 4th Love the P's

Bree and her Jumper-roo

I know it does not look like it but Bree loves her Jumper-roo!!!

some pics of the little P's

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Pool

We had a little family trip to the pool by our house. The girls and I chilled in the shade while Jordyn and Daddy splashed in the water. Jordyn was ok with it as long as her feet were touching. Here is a picture her relaxing. What a little diva.

The girls love laying on the floor and holding hands and looking at each other and just blabbering. I love it.