Thursday, July 21, 2011

4 month shots

Hey guys, Just got home from the doctors. A huge thank you to connie for going with me. Both girls are doing good. Honor is 23 inches tall an her weight is 12 lbs 3 oz. We are going to try a new med for her reflux and she has thrush in her month and is running a low grade fever. I get the award for best mom on that one did not even know, she is acting just fine. Poor Honor and to get shots on top of that what a little trooper. Anyway Connie is going to pick up the girls meds for me. Love her thanks for all the help. Bree is 24 inches tall and her weight is 12lbs 14oz and doing great. She was not a big fan of her shots and is now in the carry sack on my chest sleeping and moaning. poor thing the shots are so hard on her.
Jordyn loved going to the doctors when it was not all about her. LOL
well I am off to boil pacies and love on some babies. Thank you again connie for all your help.

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