Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hello NY

The girls and I went to Ny for a week to see family and friends up there. We had a great visit. Here are some pictures from our adventure up north. I am so thankful that they all travel so well. I think we will be staying at home for a little bit. We have some more family coming in in Aug. so excited to see them.

Honor loves her Aunt Kim

she loves to jump

The girls got lots and lots of lovin

Jordyn and Clara


to be a baby again

Bree loves Honors foot.

Her favorite thing in the world

What a big girl riding by herself "tear"

Jordyn and Clara

A little snack on the train

Megan and Jordyn

cool buttons to push

this is cool

Jordyn loves charades

the girls were in heaven being in everyone's arms

It was so nice to see everyone. I have so much more to say about our trip and more pictures to share, but this post has already taken me days to write and I am so tired. Just know that you are all loved. Tomorrow the girls go for their 4 month shots and check up! Will post and let everyone know how we do.

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  1. OMG! That foot sucking picture cracked me up!!! They are sooo adorable. I miss them tons! You and Mark too of course! Love you guys!!!