Monday, November 14, 2011

The things my girls get into

Greetings I am giving up some sleep time to update all of you faithful followers. The girls team has been chillen with the fam these last few days as Mark is out training. Boo to that. All it means is the big D word is coming up. This will be number 5 for our little family and number 7 for the hubster. Yep one to many but that's the military. I knew what I was getting myself into when I married the goof. I love my Marine with all my heart. Everything will be ok. I am not prego this time. Can I get a hell ya. LOL No open heart surgeries or anything crazy on this end this time. So lets just pray its a no drama deployment.

Well this family has been busy.

Jordyn~ The big sister, The I am two and feeling good kid! She is a hot mess these days. The power of the wills. HAHAHA she does not want the babies to look at her or touch her or play with any toy most days. Then out of nowhere she will hug on them and kiss on them and let them crawl all over her or bring them toys. Maybe there is hope yet for a nice sister relationship. We will see what tomorrow brings. Jordyn and I have been doing little lessons everyday. Colors, numbers, shapes and life lessons. We are working on the color translucent, parallelograms and making connections between life and text. You know all the things shes going to need to know to get into a good pre-school. LOL But all joking aside shes such a sponge these days and has a memory of an elephant and if I forget something she will let me know. She stated pee peeing on the potty!!!! We make it a few times a day but with all the diuretics she is on that's fine with this mama. Her eating is hit or miss. Some days she eats everything other days not a thing. I just keep hoping that once we are off all this silly meds that she will eat and eat and eat. We go back to Duke in January so I guess we will see then what our battle plan will be. Until then we will just keep doing what we are doing. :)

Honor~ She has two teeth now :) both on the bottom and is acting like more are on their way!! She is on the move crawling and pulling herself up on everything. She still enjoys laying on the ground and talking and kicking like crazy. She loves to play peek a boo with Bree and then two of them will just laugh at each other. I will try to catch it on video it is so cute. She does not need as much sleep as the other two these days. She would rather watch everything around her then sleep. She is also a little bit of a picky eater there are only a few things she does not like so far.

Breanna~ If you step out of the room for two seconds and hear a loud bang its most likely Bree getting into something she is not suppose to. If you were a fly on the wall at my house you would hear "AHH Bree" more then anything. She is everywhere and climbs onto everything. She will push anything that moves across the floor and walk behind it. She is standing for longer periods of time by herself. She is full of giggles. She laughs at everyone but Jordyn is her favorite. Jordyn just has to look at her and she will start belly laughing. Bree has one tooth on the bottom but I think more are on the way. She will eat everything you put in front of her and some of ours if she could. She gives the best wet kisses and is just now learning to give the wettest raspberry's. Honor and her love to touch each other and play with each other it is so cool to watch them interact. It is so true what they say about twins having their own language.

I love my family they are full of energy and it is nonstop until they all crash at the end of the day but i could not imagine my life with out them.