Friday, August 5, 2011

hello from 5300

HI from Duke :( yep the fluid is back. :( :( we are back on IV lasixs and waiting for a chest x-ray. we will be getting a heart cath later this week. I hope that we can get some of the fluid off and then go home and come back the day of her cath. We will just wait and see. Mark and Aunt Ann are at home with the little ones. with the ladies on standby. Oh how I love all of my friends and family. Mom and dad are on the way home from NY to help out as well. I am so glad that Aunt Ann is here to help Mark out. I know she would not have it any other way just wish we could have had the fun filled week we had planned. I will keep everyone updated on how we are doing. Right now the little one is sleeping in her wagon. When she is awake all she wants to do is be pulled in her wagon, and that is ok with this mommy. Missing Mark and the girls. :( good night for now.

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