Friday, August 6, 2010


Hey everyone, Its 10pm and way past my bedtime but i wanted post some pictures of miss Jordyns first day of gymnastics. She had a blast!!! It was full out for an hour only stopping when I picked her up to give her a drink to chill her out. Her lips where turning blue. But do you think that slowed her down? oh no. She was the youngest one but held her own pretty well. She did front flips and back flips, walked the balance beam, jumped on the trampoline and hung on some rings and uneven bars. Oh and lets not forget running crazy with all the other little ones. We will be going once a week on saturdays starting in september. Here are some pictures.


So the reason I am up so late is Mark got us both new computers!! So exciting. Now I can start burning all of our home movies to disk. woohoo. Oh and our new computers have web cams so I had to download skype and learn how to work it. Now maybe we can talk when hes gone. But if not ill be sending him family movies in his care packages. Good night everyone :)

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