Tuesday, November 5, 2013

3,4 and 5

I am thankful for everything in my life! From the littlest thing to the biggest. I think I am going to do something different this November. Since everything in my house is breaking I am going to try to turn every negative thing that is happening  into a positive. So here it goes.
Day 5 my refrigerator and freezer broke and I lost some food. But I was able to clean all the draws and shelves from all the yuck that refrigerators collect.  Day 4 My kitchen sink started to leak. My old facet and lines were all rusted.  I got a new kitchen facet!! I feel like I have a brand new kitchen. I will have to take a picture. Day 5 refrigerator and freezer are still not working. The guy has been out twice now and will be coming back tomorrow. It's keeping things cold just not as cold as it should and my freezer is way to cold. At least my food is not going to go bad this time. I know things could be so much worse but it's hard to find the positive when everything is breaking one right after another. I hope in a few days everything will be back in working order!! But until then I am still trying to laugh at it all. It really is funny when you look at everything that has broke in the last week. Oh the crazy life I live.

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