Friday, April 9, 2010


Mark left for a month on Tuesday so the fam decided to take Jordyn and I camping. Now if you have every slept with Jordyn and myself we are very noisy sleepers. Small space noisy sleepers do you see where I am going. Well let's start at the beginning. The fam took us to Myrtle beach to do some outlet shopping :) and then spend the night at a campground that has a lazy river and an indoor pool. Jordyn loved the ride down to Myrtle. She had a great time watching all the cars go by and looking out all the windows. She enjoyed shopping and riding on her first carousal twice and then she took a long nap. Shopping wears her out. We got to the campgroup and got our bathingsuits on for the lazy river. The water was cold better yet freezing. It took about 10 minutes and then I was numb and could not feel the cold anymore. She loved hanging out on gramps as we went around the lazy river. By the end she was sitting on the outside of the tube and splashing in the water. I wish I had pictures of this. She was to cute.

After a few laps around the lazy river we headed to the heated pool. AHHHH now that was more like it. Jordyn was like a little fish. She has a blast being pulled through the water and jumping off the edge. She was laughing the whole time.

After tons of walks and playing on the playground and feeding the squirrels. Our little one crashed. She slept really good until about 1100. Then she started to cry and fuss and cry and fuss some more. I think around 1200 we finally packed up and started the 2 hour trip home. I think it was a combination of teething, being in a new place and her g-button has been a little sore these last few days. Well we got home around 2 in the morning and she slept till 800. My poor baby girl just missed her bed. All in all I think she had fun camping. Well spring break is coming to an end. I have loved spending all my time with the little one. Back to school on Monday. Let the count down to summer begin.

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