Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy 2nd Angel Birthday Aiden

My Dearest Aiden,

In a few short hours 2 years ago you came sleeping into this world. Happy 2nd angel birthday Aiden James. I bet you are getting spoiled with love by all your grandparents and uncles and are having a blast running around with all the other little ones that went home a little too soon. I want to thank you sweet boy for looking after your forever family so well. I often catch Jordyn with this look on her face and I just know that you have come for a visit. I see you in her all the time. You are the best big brother a mom could ask for. Oh Aiden how we miss you. I still remember your day like it was yesterday the smell, how you came into this world so peacefully, how your dad and I just held you close, remembering everything about you with family and friends there to bless you and share the love with you while other loved ones prayed from a far. Then we said “see you later” because you see only good byes are forever. You are missed and loved everyday sweet angel of mine. I know you are never far away and I look forward to the day that I can hold you in my arms and walk with you as you give me a tour of your home and introduce me to all your friends. That day will have to wait for a long, long, long time but I know you understand and you will be waiting for me when that day comes. We love you Aiden tons of hugs and kisses.
Mommy, Daddy and Jordyn

This was written for our son Aiden James Piemonte by his Grandfather Gary Livingston.
He read it when we were having his blessing.

Aiden James Piemonte
April 17, 2008 11:01am
Although you were only with us seven short months, you accomplished much.
Oh. What you have accomplished. You brought your mom and dad closer together.
You taught them to rely on each other and to be strong together for the future.
For life brings many things we can’t control. Aiden, you re-taught us how important and fragile life is, and how close families should be. Although you won’t see sunlight, see a leaf fall, a running brook or flowers in a field, we will think of you when we see them. For you touched many people while you were with us. And you were loved. Oh you were loved. I know you could feel the love through your mom’s womb. I know you wish you could have see you mom and dad, hold their hands and someday tell them that you love them, but they understand. They know you loved them. For love isn’t taught it is an emotion that is felt and we know you felt it, for we felt your love.

Happy 2nd Birthday Aiden

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