Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The P's are still here!!! Haha. But time is something that is missing. It seems that since we moved in it has been a blur. Things are starting to slow down a little. I will be done teaching in 9 days but who is counting. :) Then let the summer begin. Days by the pool, lazy days at the beach play dates and field trips and lets not forget that house to do list that seems to get longer and longer by the day are just some of the things this little one and I are going to be doing.
Mark left on Tuesday for Cali for 6 weeks :( I can't believe that it is almost that time again. He will be going overseas for 9 months late this summer. Jordyn and I will have lots of things to do to keep busy but we hate see you laters. But that is for another post. Jordyn is doing great. She is now a walker, climber, swinger, runner, lover of food, into everything happy almost 15 month old. WOW I can't believe she is going to be 15 months in a few weeks. Jordyn is now loving food I could not be happier. She is still getting all her meals by g-tube but in between this is what she has been up to. :)
The house is great. I have started to rip wall paper in Jordyn's room and will finish painting it before Mark gets home. As well as some other small projects. In August some WI family members might be coming down for a visit. We are so excited to see them. (Just make sure you guys bring work cloths you have to earn your keep some how. :) )
I hope in a few weeks when school is out I will have more time to keep you all up to date in our adventures. But in the mean time just know that all is well with the P's and Miss Jordyn could not be doing better.

Love The P's


  1. Haha! I loooove how she sleeps!!! :) So relaxed. Adorable. And I see she has the Italian tastebuds! I've been waiting for a new post and some new pictures. Very cute. Glad to hear you're all doing well! I'm jealous you get the summers off...that would be AWESOME!