Saturday, March 26, 2011

I have started writing this post a million times. How do I even start to put down in words the events that took place in the last month?? Let me start by saying I am forever grateful for my family, all the amazing staff at Duke, friends and all of our prayer worriors coast to coast. Please know how much you are loved in this family.
As many of you know Jordyn went in for her last open heart surgery on Feb. 10th. She came out of it like a champ. Everything went to plan. That night and into the next day things started to go down hill. The events that followed I wish that no one would have to see their child go through. Jordyn was taken back to the cath lab to save her life. Mark was able to be red crossed home and Mark the fam and I spent another month at duke letting her little body heal. Some day I will write about our time there and all the amazing people we ment along the way. But thats for another day. Jordyn is now home and starting the healing process emotionally. It will take some time but the two weeks shes been home the Jordyn that we all know is starting to show. Oh how I love that little girl. Jordyn celebrated her second birthday up at Duke. Thank you again for everyone who made that day so special for our little girl. This summer we will have a 2 1/2 birthday party!!!
The Twins arrived on March 6th!!! In true Piemonte Fashion where nothing goes to plan. I delivered the girls Vaginally. Mark and I decided that because Jordyn was getting ready to come home in the next few days and I was getting HUGE that mom and dad would stay with Jordyn and Mark and I would go home just in case the girls would decide to come. So Mark and I left on sat and by sunday morning my water had broken. So off we went to the hospital stopping at McDonald's on the way so Mark could eat and I could have my favorite orange juice. Once there I was told that because I had orange juice I could not have a C-section. LOL only Me. The A team was called (Thanks so much Diane and Connie) and we waited and waited and waited and laughed and laughed. Then finally there girls were ready Honor Elizabeth came into the world at 8:44pm and was 4lbs 7oz just a screaming. Then we waited and waited and I pushed and pushed and Mark updated Facebook and I pushed some more and a hour later Breanna Rose decided that she was ready and came into this world at 9:40pm and was 4lbs 11oz. They both were doing great and did not even need to go to the NICU!! The doctors were just amazed at how well they were doing and I just told them that god said this one will be easy. Connie and Diane stayed into the wee hours of the morning and got to hold some babies and share the day with us. Thank you again ladies! We came home with the girls 3 days later. Marks family from WI came down and helped us out. Thanks so much Grandma P and Uncle Bernie. Jordyn came home the next week and then finally all the P's were together . Thanks so much mom and dad for staying with my little one and to all the visitors who stopped by while we where at duke. Thank you is just not enough to show how grateful I am to all the emails and letters and boxes of goodies you all sent to my girls. I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Our door is always open for anyone to come and rock babies. Please no germies. I will post pictures soon. :)

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