Saturday, January 23, 2010


Life here has been slowing down a little for the P’s. This week I had some teacher work days at school which was much needed. Mark has been doing very well at Sergeant Course, and should finish up at the end of February. As for Miss Jordyn, she is doing great. Grandmonkey and I took her to get her ears checked yesterday. As a follow up to having them checked when we were at Duke. Everything is fine. She has great hearing but come to find out she has an ear infection in one ear and getting over one in the other... really. That’s right, I am now one of those moms that did not know her child had an ear infection. Jordyn had no fever, she was not grabbing at her ears and still acting like herself. She was just sleeping a little bit more. Nothing to be concerned about right, she’s getting more teeth and growing, what’s a little more sleep? I am sure next week I would have caught on and took her to the doctors. So needless to say, we are just going to have a low key weekend here. Speaking of the weekend. Last weekend Jordyn and I went to the park, she loves the swings and then we took a nice long walk on the beach with the grandparents, where we saw a baby seal. He was just lounging on the beach basking in the sun. I tried to get a picture with my phone but I did not want to get too close so it’s a little blurry. He was so cute. Earlier in the week Jordyn had feeding therapy. The girls said that she is making great progress and developmentally she is right on track. But we already knew that this little one was a rock star.


  1. She is just too darned cute!!!

  2. Awww...she loves her horsey! Good work Santa! ;)