Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rain Rain

Wow, I can’t believe that it is almost February! Things with us are going great. Jordyn continues to grow and change and get more mobile every day. Mark and I are doing well. This week was busy with meetings after school for me and Sergeant School for Mark so, this weekend is a much needed family weekend. They were calling for snow and ice but all we got was lots of rain, so today the P’s are going to have a PJ day.
I know a lot of you have been wondering about the 1st birthday party. I am working on the invitations that my very talented graphic designer cousin is putting together for us. I should be able to get the pictures to her this weekend. I am so excited. We might even go and get some professional photographs done for the big occasion. Our little one is starting to wake up from her morning nap so I am off to see what kind of mess (fun) we can get into on this very rainy day.

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