Saturday, February 13, 2010


A much needed update. Hello all!!! I know it has been forever since giving you an update on the P’s. I am sorry. Last Friday Jordyn and I had a sleepover with some of the girls I work with and her little one who is about 2 months older than Jordyn. They were so cute together. They played on the floor together. Jordyn tried to pull her down by her shirt and hair. I guess we need to work on playing nice. LOL Jordyn got her first battle bruise when she took a digger into the TV stand. Here is a picture from that night.

We recently celebrated a first angle birthday for one of our beloved heart babies. Jack and Jordyn were ICU buddies and Jack made his way to heaven in September. We miss him so much. Happy first birthday Jack!! We will always remember you.

Well, we went back up to Duke for a GI Check up. We are still puking so we are going to try some more things and then if that does not work then we will have an endoscopy done. Jordyn is 17 lbs and 26 inches. Wow! I know she is getting so big. We are getting closer and closer to the big number 1. On the way home from Duke, we stopped at the outlets and picked up some new spring cloths for miss prissy as well as a party dress. On Thursday we went to the doctor only to find out that our little lady had a double ear infection and a sinus infection. Our little one was so sick. So Thursday we cuddled and caught up on some much needed sleep. By Thursday evening she was laughing and smiling again. She is just now getting all her energy back and feeling so much better.

We got about 5 inches of snow last night. Snow at the beach is great but everything shuts down and it’s drive at your own risk. We don’t have the plows like in the north. Here are some pictures of the snow at the beach.
Jordyn is an official crawler now. Last night she was just playing and then she just decided that it was time to crawl for more then a few feet. Now we are everywhere!!! She is crawling to the coach, pulling herself up and then back to crawling. I guess it’s time to start baby proofing.
Mark received his new orders. He is going to 1/8 here at Camp Lejeune for one more MEU that will deploy at the end of summer. Then when he gets back we will be moved to another base. He will be checking into his new unit sometime in March. Speaking of March, we have been getting ready for the P’s March Madness. Our two year anniversary on the 1st ; my 20 something birthday on the 8th and Jordyn’s 1st birthday on the 10th. Mark and I are going to try to get away at the end of February for a night to celebrate our anniversary and for Mark graduating from Sergeant school. I think we are going down to Myrtle Beach. Ok, Jordyn is up from her mini nap and is already off with her feeding tube dragging behind her. LOL I think I can safely say that Mark and I are in trouble with this one.

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