Sunday, February 28, 2010


It was another busy few weeks for the P’s. Mark had his graduation from Sergeant School. This past week. Jordyn and I went to give our support. Jordyn did so well. She loved all the people and the lights she even clapped her hands when everyone else clapped. She was so cute. Here are some pictures from the day. What a cute family.

This weekend Mark and I got away for a night and went down to Myrtle Beach. For our two year anniversary which is tomorrow. Wow two years, some days it feels like 50 :)
It was a much needed night out for us. We went to the aquarium and saw them feed the sharks. Very cool!!! Then a trip to Myrtle would not be complete with out a stop at the outlets. Have I told you that I love to shop. What a nice trip. Now it’s back to life and trying to find a house. Let the fight continue. I know there most be one out that we both agree on.
Our little one is doing great. We are getting closer and closer to walking everyday. We are also closing in on the big day. First birthday here we come. Still have some last minute things to get. No worries they will get done. Well Jordyn is just getting up from her much needed nap. Off to have some fun. Till next time.

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  1. She looks like a little angel!! Congrats to you all for graduation! Hugs!