Tuesday, June 28, 2011

getting back in the swing of things

Things are starting to get back to our normal here after our mini vacation. Jordyn had to have a blood test done yesterday to check all her numbers to make sure everything is still good. Its always such a major production to get blood from her. She is such a hard poke. The Lady that did it yesterday did it in one poke then covered her shirt in PINK stickers her new favorite color. We got the call later that everything looks great and to keep doing what we are doing till our apt. in aug. Then it was off to the mall to ride the carousal. She got to ride it three time. She was such a happy girl after that.

The little girls are doing great. Bree is rolling all over the place while honor is just as happy back scooting. They are both in size 3 months but it wont be long before they are on to bigger and better things. Honor is going to be the talker of the family. She just loves baby talking to herself or to anyone who will listen. I just cant get enough of all my girls.

One of our friends from NY moved down here to NC she makes all kinds of beaded jewelry. You can check her out here http://www.topsailwinds.com/!!! (yep still cant make it a hot link or whatever they are called so you are just going to have to deal. LOL) well anyway she made me this awesome bracelet. it has all my babies initial and then their birthstone. She even put on little Angel beads for my little ones. I love it thank you so much Linds.

Well nap time is almost over in a few minutes my little ones will be waking up and wanting to eat and play at the same time. I hope everyone has a great day. :)

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