Monday, June 27, 2011

Hellooooo Wisconsin part 1

The P's are home from a 2 week trip to Wisconsin. We drove up with the girls stopping along the way to see Billy and Brent in MI. Thank you for letting us stop by to say hi. Looking forward to a longer visit next time :)

After a overnight stay it was back in the mini van (or the silver bullet as we liked to call her) to Wisconsin. Or Marks old stopping grounds. LOL A road trip through WI is not complete with out a picture under a huge cow. LOL

hold on tight big girl.

After a long drive it was great to finally get there. Everything was so green and bright could it be because it rained the whole time we were there. LOL haha but we still had a blast. Hung out with Marks side of the family. Had tons of laughs and good food to eat. And tons of babysitters for the girls. Mark and I even got out on the town a few nights. More on that in a minute. We had Honor and Bree Baptised by Father Jerry. Love that man :) Thank you in just not enough for everything you do for my family and Jordyn was able to ride a horse, chase some puppy's and even went to a petting Zoo. Thanks little T are you ready for all three of them next time? :) as well as running around like crazy with who ever would chase her. Needless to say there was not alot of napping going on. We had a great time. It looks like we will be having Christmas in July in WI. The P's are done visiting in the winter. Sorry guys, your more then welcome to come and spend it on the beach with us.

So back to Marks and my outings. It was interesting, never a dull moment. We went to the first ever EAST farmington daze. hahaha were 50 year old men and women can still throw them down and the locals well you just have to love them. Ran into some of Marks buddy's and made some new friends. Got to hear lots of old stories from Before Shay or BS. I don't think I stopped laughing the whole time. We just might have to make it back up for the second annual EAST Farmington daze. :) We will miss WI and all of our family and friends but we will be back.

Goodbye Wisconsin!!!!!

more pictures in Part 2

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