Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We have been one busy family these last few weeks. Mark has had some time off of work and the girls and I have loved having him home. We have been going out on adventures and loving every minute of it. Jordyn is doing great. We had to get back on some of our meds due to fluid but we will get there. They all say that the fluid is the hardest thing to deal with with this surgery. The little girls are doing great. They slept for 4 hours in a row last night. woohoo I feel like a new women with all that sleep. :) Next week is spring break at school! Which means help is on the way from all my teacher friends. Are you ready ladies I have been waiting for this week for awhile now. I have a to do list for you. LOL Just kidding. The girls cant wait to see everyone and I might get a shower in before 10pm. :) So exciting.

In other exciting news. Marks family has entered a contest to fly 20 members home to WI/MN. Well, we are a finalist along with 5 other families. woohoo thats exciting and I just found out the story they submitted was my families. I still cant believe that I got goosebumps when Aunt Diane told me that. So cool. We will find out in a few weeks and if we win it looks like the Piemonte's party of 5 will be heading on an airplane in June.

Yep, all is well. Here are some pictures of our days at the park playing with new friends and me napping with my girls. Thanks babe for this picture.

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