Friday, April 15, 2011

a little of everything

Wow are the girls really 7 weeks old. Holy cow where does the time go. Life with the P's are going great. They are starting to sleep better at night only up a few times. :) They are getting so big. Honor is 5lbs 7oz and Bree is 6lbs 5oz. They are starting to stay awake longer and when you talk to them they are starting to look at you and follow you with their eyes. They love to be outside and usually sleep through our walks or trips to the park. I am become an old pro at getting all the kids in an out of the car and going and doing different things. Mark is back to full days at work so its just the girls and I. We go to the fams for play dates and meet different familys at the park. We love to go for walks so I put both baby carriers on and either push jordyn on her bike or take the stroller. We just go with it. Everyday is a new adventure for us. Jordyn is doing great!!!! We had a Doctors apt. earlier in the week and we are now off two of our meds and starting to get off our icky formula. GO Jordyn. everyday she gets better and better. Cant wait for beach weather and getting her back in the sun. She is such a good big sister. She loves to help and lets me know when they are crying. She is too cute with them. Well I am going to be staying home with the girls next school year. I sighned my papers yesterday saying I would not be coming back. I am going to love being home with the girls and maybe in a few years when they are older Ill go back. Who knows. It was great seeing all the ladies at school. I am going to miss them but I know they will all be over to play with the P's. The P's party of 5 are doing just fine. I know you all want pictures I am trying to work that into our day as well. Ill get there. :)

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