Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The fluid is gone from around Jordyn's lungs. :) woohoo. We are off one of our nasty meds, that make us feel icky and on a different one. Let's hope that the fluid will stay away and when we see Dr. M in a few weeks we can try to get off of our diuretics all together. The little girls are doing great. Sleeping better at night and awake more during the day. Bree is now 8.5 lbs and Honor is 7.5 lbs. You go girls. They are growing out of all their newborn cloths and into 0-3 months. Its bitter sweet. Its starting to get warm here in the NC which means beach here we come. Jordyn has already been in the ocean this year and is loving every minute. She is such a water baby its going to be so much fun this year with her. Its a spring cleaning day here at the P's, which means I pick it up and Jordyn pulls it back out. But I would not have it any other way. :) Have a great day friends!!!

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  1. Blog following! What a nice way to get back in touch! I see you have 3 little ones. The youngest 2 are twins I see! What a blessing! Poor little Jordyn...what a trooper n' inspiration to have already gone through 3 open heart surgeries at such a tender age!