Monday, November 26, 2012

A boo boo for honor

Tonight I am thankful for Elmo band aids. Honor was running around this morning chasing her sisters and belly laughing. When she tripped and fell into her little chair. She cut her forehead and we all know with head cuts there is alot of blood. It did not bleed for every long but it was deep. So off to the doctors we went. He said it will probably scar but nothing a little vitamin e can't fix!! She has now joined jordyn in the dudes dig scars club!! So for the next week or so she will be sporting an Elmo band aid. The best part is Bree and jordyn think they need one too. Lol so if you see my kids walking around with Elmo band aids on their foreheads that's why!! It is also ok to laugh :) never a dull moment with the P's

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