Saturday, November 3, 2012


Hi everyone, I know it's been a long time. Life is going a mile a minute lately. Mark got home at the end of June from his last deployment. We have been taking lots of family trips to the nc zoo camping in myrtel beach, the aquarium petting zoos and the list goes on. Jordyn is now in nursery school three days a week and loving it. She is potty trained!! Which is a huge accomplishment in itself. So proud of her!! The girls are 19 months now and are into everything. I have taken the fronts off their cribs and put up bed gates. Because they were climbing in and out of them. They love them!! Most nights I find them snugging together in one bed. They are so stinking cute and by morning they are back in their own beds.
Jordyn is doing great! We went up to Duke a week ago now. She is doing fabulous!! We also got the green light to stop all overnight feeds through here g-tube!!! It's been a week and she is doing great i love it when she tells me she is hungry!! I just can't believe how much all of my girls are growing.  I will try to update more then what I have been. I will also try to update with some pictures.

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