Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 4

Today I am thankfull for a dishwasher. Mine is not working right now:( and I am not a big fan of wash washing all the dishes. I am use to just washing all the food off of the plates and bowls and throwing them in the dishwasher.  The kids tried to help me fix it tonight. Well 4 little blondes trying to fix a dishwasher did not go as planed. Lol needless to say it is still broken and I will be calling a handy man in the morning.  Like I said its all about the little things.

It was a girls day today. Mark was out with friends watching football. Mom joined us for a day of shopping and playing. I needed to pick up some baby cloths for a friends grandsons baby shower next weekend. Jordyn is very excited about going to the baby party. She helped me pick out things for the little boy, and has been talking none stop about what we will be doing and who's going to be there. I hope you are ready for us. Lol. If you are ever bored and want some entertainment meet us in the toy section of target. Lol mom and I let the girls out of the cart. Lol it was a free for all the girls loved pushing all the buttons and taking everything off the shelves. I really need to find out how to be toy testers for fisher price or little tikes.

It has been three weeks since I last fed jordyn in her g- tube!!!! Can you say hell ya!!!!

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  1. If only we lived closer. I would bring my handyman,Mike over to fix it... bringing the total to five blondes.